Pulpit rock

Did you know that the pumpkin is the official state fruit of NH?

Did you know that pumpkin flowers are edible?

Did you know that 100 grams of pumpkin produces around 26 calories of energy?

Did you know that the NHGPGA was founded in 1999?

Did you know that tilling might be "bad news" for all the good stuff in your soil?

Orange Angels Foundation


The Orange Angel Foundation was created by veteran grower Dick ( Paps ) Wallace. He launched his idea of buying coats for needy elementary school children in 2007. The idea was talked about on Big Pumpkins, to create regional chapters across the country.


This is where we came into the picture , Linda and I have helped others on an individual level, but to help on a larger scale was something different. At that time, I was on the board of the NHGPGA and presented the idea. All were in agreement , and ways of raising monies was discussed . It so happened that the summer picnic was going to be held in NH . We held a 50/50 raffle and later on a silent auction at our winter luncheon.


The first year we selected Londonderry , and with the aid of Robert Demers , got a list of children needing coats. All that was asked was gender , size and age of the child , never the names. The coats were given to the representative of the local community for distribution .


The second year Litchfield and Goffstown were selected and we were able to more that double the number of coats from the previous year . It is nice to hear comments passed along from the children , such as "the first new coat I ever had " or " its not a hand me down ", some even want to sleep in their coats.


All donations should be made to the NHGPGA, c/o of the OAF.


Bill Rodonis
44 Charles Bancroft Hwy
Litchfield, NH 03052